Non-Playable Coin

NPC is the first memecoin with a picture.

Non-Playable Coin (NPC) is a memecoin actually backed by one of the most recognizable memes on the internet.

Trade it as an NFT or as a memecoin, it doesn’t matter. It’s the first memecoin-NFT hybrid—or, as we like to call it, the first “meme-fungible token” (MFT).

npc grid

Not Like Other Memecoins

NPC is a coin for one of the most recognizable memes on the internet. "I support the current coin" is our community's motto, a homage to the non-playable character meme first popularized in 2018.

What’s also special is that every NPC token is backed by an NFT of the NPC meme. Convertible 1:1 using our Transform dApp. It’s the first memecoin-NFT hybrid.

Become an NPC

NPC is trading on Ethereum (via Uniswap) and Coinbase’s Layer-2 network Base (via Uniswap).

Be Unique and Special

But wait, there's more. NPC is also your canvas to create your own custom PFP. With over 220 traits to choose from, there are enough unique combinations for every. single. human. on. Earth.

Right-click save what you made, we don’t judge. But if you’re feeling bold, mint it on Base forever (while supplies last). NPC is the largest PFP collection with unique traits in crypto to date.

npc grid
npc grid

Fair and for the People

NPC is a memecoin for all of us. On July 26, 2023, the total human population was recorded on-chain. There will never be more than 8,050,126,520 NPC tokens and all of it was circulating at launch.

Liquidity locked, contract renounced, no BS promises of utility. And best of all, no taxes whatsoever on transactions because, as every NPC knows, the only taxes you should be paying is to your government.

A New Token Standard

NPC pioneered the first memecoin-NFT hybrid. After some development, the community has come together to codify this as a token standard called the ERC11.

Completely open source. For the people. Let’s start building.

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AI Generate Your Own NPC Memes

Use your imagination. Create your own NPC-related images using AI. Infinite possibilities. Powered bygenAi logogeneraitiv.



npc grid

Support the Current Coin

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